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Odyssey Open Water Swimming Coach Profile

Check out a recent interview on the Odyssey Open Water Swimming blog!

Preparing to jump at Alcatraz

Megan Tobin is a triathlete, TriStar Triathlon Coach, and a member of the Odyssey Open Water Swimming team. If you have joined us on a Berkeley swim, it’s likely that you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and her son Saxton, who provides kayak support to our swimmers.

We recently interviewed Megan to learn more about why she loves open water swimming, her goals as an athlete, tips for fellow swimmers, and more.

Why Megan Swims

Megan has always loved the water, and she spent many childhood days in the pool from morning until night. In high school, she focused on field hockey. Years after college, Megan started swimming again -- spending time in local pools and lakes -- and then began entering triathlons. Megan says that once she experienced swimming in the open water, she fell in love. “110%, I would always rather swim in the water without lane lines and a wall,” Megan says.

Megan moved to the Bay Area a year ago and came to a Berkeley swim with Odyssey. She began swimming regularly with the group and was invited to lead Odyssey group swims. Asked why she loves coaching with Odyssey and leading swims, Megan says, “I get to do something I really love with other people who love it too...I love the community.”

Bridge to Bridge: guiding our swimmers

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