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Why I Race Like a Girl - and What That Means to Me

After 12 years in triathlon, I finally have moments where I don’t feel like an imposter. This has less to do with what I have accomplished in the sport, like racing an Ironman, and more to do with the company I chose to keep.

When I began in this sport, I had simple goals - to finish, to not be last, to not die. But quickly and progressively, those goals escalated to wanting to be better, faster, stronger. Yes, than myself but also others - Like many athletes I compared myself and how well I was doing with how others looked, how fast they were, how effortless it seemed to be for them as I slogged slowly away at the miles.

Women in the sport have mostly been really supportive of me, and each other. No one REALLY (except a former male coach) ever said anything that made me feel less than, that I had limitations, and that I could not accomplish my goals. But it wasn’t until I began actively seeking out and surrounding myself with other women in the sport that my perspective on MYSELF started to change.

I became an ambassador for a women’s triathlon clothing line because I loved their comfort and style and hoped for some great discounts. What I got was that, and a whole hell of a lot more - I found an online community of ballsy, open, courageous women of all abilities who supported each other, and strangely, me! This support, coupled with my new coach and team, gave me the confidence I needed to reach for my dreams, only to realize when I got there that even they weren’t reaching high enough.