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TMT Multisport

Triathlon and Multisport endurance coaching built to power you, support from a diverse and inclusive team

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Elisabeth, Ironman finisher & adventurer

Megan coaches the whole athlete. The process of developing my athlete mission statement has been very meaningful to me and had a profound impact on all aspects of my life, not just sport.


The prioritization skills Megan has led me develop in my athletic life have greatly expanded and focused my capacity in work and family and that was unexpected personal growth that was very welcome.  


Maxine, triathlete, super swimmer & Ironman 70.3 finisher

In building TMT, Coach Meg has created an inclusive and supportive community of multisport athletes of varying abilities, but who all share a love of endurance sports.

Coach Meg has helped me transform as an athlete. Her holistic and empathetic approach to coaching has built up my belief in myself and abilities, and encouraged me to set bigger goals for myself.

Marta Oside.jpeg

Marta,  Ironman 70.3 finisher & Escape from Alcatraz athlete

Megan is super supportive and responsive and the energy of the team of people she coaches is so inspirational.


I thought I was just signing up for a coach, but I got a family.


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