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Better Together: Next Year’s Gonna Be Better Than This

Here we come, 2022!

You likely didn’t even notice recent changes on the site. In April 2021, I took a leap. After coaching open water swimming and triathlon for my coach for several years, it was time to spread my wings and see if I could fly. I made big changes, and started my own multisport coaching business and community. It was scary, but I had been well trained, and learned from the best. The athletes I coach are an amazing group of people, and together we’ve created #TeamTMT, a supportive and diverse community of athletes of all levels and abilities working to be better than before. I needed to prove to them, but MOST of all to myself, that I could do this on my own. And it’s been amazing.

Team TMT Athlete Maxine gifted me with this amazing photo collage of our fabulous team- that is a lot of smiles and finish lines for our first year!

But as I said, I wasn’t really on my own. I’ve had amazing coaches and teachers, female mentors and peers and just the most amazingly cool island of misfit toys group of people supporting me and my business. And now, it’s time to be better together with one of the most amazing!

Some things are just meant to be from the beginning. I met Coach Tanya England Parmley, a certified personal trainer for over 20 years, several years ago at an open water swim I was coaching. Swimming is my jam, but it’s not her comfort zone. We instantly connected and became friendly, and I was excited to help someone so dedicated and professional love swimming at least just a little bit more. Tanya in turn introduced me to many athletes in the area, and has always been a great supporter. We knew we were meant to be when we bumped into each other in Arizona, and walked into USAT coaching certification class together. We started working together as coach and athlete shortly thereafter, and have collaborated as coaches on many events together as well. We brainstormed chances to work together more closely, but the timing just wasn’t right.

Coach Tanya Parmley

Partnering is definitely NOT like dating, but like any good relationship, it’s important to know and understand your worth, as well as what you can offer the partnership before going in. I think Coach Tanya and I always knew we wanted to be a team, we just had to find the right time. Now is that time.

I’m so excited that Coach Tanya and the amazing athletes she coaches will be joining forces, because they are a force, with Team TMT. TriMegTri Coaching has become TMT Coaching. And TMT is more than just our initials, it’s a lot more - and we’ll be talking about that in coming months.

Better together! Coaches that train together!

Two teams becoming one means more athletes, more diversity, more adventure in 2022, as well as more programming, coaching resources and content. There’s a lot to talk about, and announce, in 2022 - but it all starts with coming together, supporting each other, and having a great partner.

TMT Coaches Megan and Tanya at Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2021

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