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2021: The Year of No Excuses

See you 2021!

Finish lines: just as sweet when it's your athlete racing as when it is yours!

2021 was full of challenges, but a lot of good came out of it. It was a BIG year of change for me, one where, in spite of or maybe even spurred on by all the chaos happening, I was willing to step out on a limb and make some BIG changes that were probably due but I had been afraid of.

Some of the biggest changes?

  • Started my own business, coaching without the safety net of my coach behind me

  • Left my triathlon coach of over 6 years

  • Got a new coach, who scared me more than a little.

  • Built a diverse and supportive community of multisport athletes, and we're only getting started

  • Left my corporate career after over 25 years to focus on coaching full time

  • and that doesn't include my fitness and racing accomplishments!

And WOW did they pay off. Maybe not in rewards but HIGH on the fulfillment scale. One of my BEST decisions was choosing Julie Hancock Dunkle and NYX Endurance for my coaching. Can't do epic shit without epic people in your corner. 2021 was the year of the big girl panties and GOING BIG.

When you meet your coach in person for the first time - at World Champs.

And the cherry on these big changes/big wins? My AMAZING coach and her team of coaches chose me for their NO EXCUSES award. #itsamajoraward lol

I laugh because NO EXCUSES is who I CHOSE to be, but it's not who I always think I am. But winning this? Well it's an indicator that I am moving in the right direction. Going to keep making big moves in 2022, and while I will falter sometimes, I know I am headed in the right direction with the right mission.

2022: It's not no fear. It's fear it, do it any way. It's not having no excuses, it's not using them to keep you from your mission (cause we all have excuses). It's no more letting fear or self doubt hold you back. It's full steam ahead on you mission. It's a deep AF WHY and it gets you up and at it Find yours. Defining mine has helped me put the excuses to bed.

2022, LFG!!!

Sharing this interview because Coach Laura Marcoux dug deep. Maybe it's oversharing. Maybe you can relate. Maybe it will inspire you. Maybe you too can embrace the darkness. It's worth it.

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